Parental Advisory: Explicit Content

Recently, in my ever so exciting life, I discovered this somewhat nifty little thing on good ol' IMDB

I wanted to watch a movie with one of my favorite actors but wanted to know the actual movie to crap ratio. I found out if you scroll down on IMDB there's a "parent's guide" it has different categories...those being: sex & nudity, violence & gore, profanity, alcohol/drugs/smoking, and frightening/intense scenes.  

I told my roomie about this right after we had gone to see Premium Rush

We figured looking it up would probably be the best way to procrastinate our homework at that moment. 

Oh my goodness. They seriously have the most detailed list of everything that occurs. 
I swear to you this is what it said... I could not make this stuff up. Of course these are only most of the entertaining ones. . .

Sex & Nudity
- We see 3 couples kiss briefly on screen
- A couple embraces outside a restaurant for several seconds
- Dozens of male and female bike messengers wear short, tight pants that reveal legs from mid-thigh to ankles.
- A street poster shows a woman in a floor length gown split up one side to the waist, revealing the full leg, and ankle.

Because ankles are ever so sexy. 

Violence & Gore
- A police officer accumulates scrapes to his cheek, chin, both elbows, and knees
- A bike messenger steals a police officer's bike and the officer says, "I'm done" and walks off screen
- Wearing a helmet but no pads, a bike messenger pedals fast through NYC traffic 
- A man's forearm is shown wrapped in a bandage from elbow to wrist in several scenes. 
- A man stabs a pencil into an apple. 
- Campus security guards shout at students on cycles to watch what they're doing. 
- In a public park, police shout at cyclists to get off the paved paths. 
- We hear sirens off screen
- Throughout a messenger's rides and deliveries, he argues by cell phone. 

For reals? I think they forgot to mention that the main character sneezes. 

Anyways I'm pretty sure that all movies have some level of hilarity courtesy of the handy dandy "Parent's guide".... so if you're ever bored... I suppose it could be entertaining ;) 


  1. If I would have known all that, we wouldn't have gone to that movie! I need to protect my children! Heaven forbid! I'm joking people!!! Someone was in desperate need of a job!

  2. Movie to crap ratio!!! HAHAHAHA. Love it.