It's All My Fault

I dread Monday's and Wednesdays. Actually I don't know if dread even begins to cover it. You see, I have this lovely class called ethnic and minority families. Now let me preface this by saying controversial things are not my favorite or my forte and hence the rarity of them on this here blog. But this topic has gotten under my skin just a little too deep and basically, I cant keep my mouth shut any longer. This is strictly my view and my opinion so remember that before you get offended. 

Since the beginning of this class all the professor has really taught me is that everything in this world is the whites fault and whites are the only ones who are racist (according to him). He has shown us many documentaries that support this idea and it drives me nuts. Whites are not the only ones who are racist. I'm sorry. It's just not true. Just because you are white does not mean you are racist. Everyone can be racist and your race does not make you racist or not racist. Why is it that whites are the ones who are most commonly blamed and accused of being racist? 

Brace yourself, I'm bustin out the bullet points ....

- Why is it that when whites apply to universities they're GPAs are judged more harshly than that of others? I've experienced this myself. I had a great GPA and my ACT score was acceptable yet I didn't get in... However other people with worse GPAs and test scores were let in because they were able to mark something other than Caucasian on their application. Boom, riddle me that.

- Why is it that when whites throw around the "N" word (let me clarify and say that I don't and never will) it's the biggest crime ever, yet blacks can say it as they please, use it in their music, and call each other that. Boom, riddle me that. 

- Why is it that when I'm looking through the campus groups and clubs at the university I attend there are tons of groups and clubs for only specific races? What if there was a strictly white group? We 
would be ridiculed to the end. Boom, riddle me that. 

- Obama. It is AMAZING how often people say, "oh, you didn't vote for Obama? You must be racist." Did it ever occur to them that most people base their political choices on actions and not on skin color? Boom, riddle me that. 

- Many people act like whites choose to be white. Boom, riddle me that. That's insane. I dont know about you, but I didnt wake up and think to myself, "hey, I think I want to be white today." then head on down to the local Home Depot, go to the paint department and say, "Can you go ahead and mix me up some antique beige with a hint of rosacia, freckles, and blonde hair?" 

- Why is it that in my diversity class we learn about EVERY race except Caucasians? We can't take twenty minutes out of the whole semester  to discuss whites at all? And why is it that when Caucasians do get brought up it's to play the blame game and discuss how "racist" they all are. Boom, riddle me that. 

- Explain sports teams to me... There is always a mix of races. If whites are so racist wouldn't it be nearly impossible to get a team to become united and play together as a team? Boom, riddle me that.  Obviously this is not the case. Teams support each other, teams are families, teams work together regardless of their other teammates race. 

I'm not saying all whites aren't racist and I'm not saying all others are racist. I'm just saying stop putting all the blame on whites. I have seen racism many times coming from other races other than caucasians. Everyone can be racist, it's not just the white people. 


  1. I took this class! Is it with the preacher guy? He blames EVERYTHING on whites (and in my class Mormons). I hated it too! I am sorry you have to suffer through it, only a couple more weeks :)

    1. Oh my goodness! Yes! That exact one... all he does is bash whites and mormons. Drives me crazy. I heard your exciting news! I seriously squealed when Cherie told me because I was so happy and excited!