A BOGO I Highly Recommend

Okay, it's necessary to start this post with a bit of a background story... when we bought my car we specifically asked if there were 2 keys to the jeep. Mr. Argyle (like the socks), as my dad calls him, who was the salesman working with us, assured us that there were 2. He said he knew there were 2 because of some dashes written on the tag of the key. Well, he never did find the extra set and we are still waiting to hear back. 

So the other night I was chillin in my awesome new vehicle. I was putting some of my stuff in the middle console when something caught my eye in between the driver's seat and the console. I saw a yellow tag and immediately was super stoked! It was a key, it was the second key to my car!!!  After some fishing around I was able to grab it.

 I pulled it up and noticed that it still had the huge plastic tag. At the dealership they keep the keys to the cars locked up in safe like boxes. The salesmen "check" the keys out, for lack of a better term, when they show a car. The safe keeps track of which salesman has what key and which keys are in the safe and which are out. Yes, the tag that keeps track was still on this key. 

After closer examination I realized that this key looked nothing like my current one. I looked at the tag.. 

Rav 4 

Umm... this is definitely NOT my second key. Still in shock I looked at the tag... No "marks" that indicated there is a second key. Wait, I have THE only key to this car? 

Apparently when I bought my car it was buy one get one free! 
Talk about a rockin' deal! I bet you can't even find that on Black Friday! 

No, I'm kidding. But really? How did it get there? I sure as heck didn't steal it. 
Some salesman must be in a heap of trouble. Not sure if it's Mr. Socks or someone else, but the fact remains, I have this key to a Rav 4. Unfortunately for them I'm going out of town for a week and won't be able to return it till I get back. 

I'm thinking I'll keep it hostage till they pay the ransom... that being the correct second key to MY car, not some other one. 

Hope they don't fire Mr. Socks in the mean time. 

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  1. hahahah this is pretty funny... if only that key could talk! Imagine the story it probably has :)