Christmas Begins

Yesterday I went and spent some time at home. I helped my mom decorate our 2 christmas trees. One of which takes ample amount of time because that's just how amazing it is. 
I adore it and believe it is better than any professional tree you could buy. 

It is cram packed with a ton of things and it makes me so happy.
 There can never be too much stuff on this tree. 

Somehow it has become tradition to put top hats on top of our trees. 
All the stars we've been finding lately just won't quite stay on the top and we're just not the angel type of people. Hence the top hat. It solved all our problems. 

I was trying to tell my dad that I put the top hat on the big tree... In my head this was a big accomplishment since I'm so short. I accidentally said, "Hey Dad, I put the lid on the tree." 
Luckily he knew what I meant. Later when we were decorating our second tree and watching Elf (another tradition that has formed. We must, I repeat MUST, watch Elf while decorating the tree. I don't know if you can really call it watching since we basically just sit there and quote everything. It's the best, I wouldn't trade it for the world) I told my dad to "put the lid"  on the tree. He put it on himself. We have fun together. He's hilarious. He may be getting "older" but in my world he's just getting younger, in the best sense of the word. 

I didn't manage to get a picture of the second tree.. bummer. 
But... it's official. Our halls are decked! 

After the tree decorating.... I ended up at insta-care. 
Hooray for incredibly sore throats and getting sick before finals. 
It's inevitable for me. I always end up sick the week before finals. Dang stress. 
Hey, at least it's not strep! 

Oh and just because I adore my prissy cats. . . .

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