Let Me Introduce You . . .

To... my life as of lately...
It has consisted of so much studying. 
The hours spent studying in the past week even shock myself. 
Definitely not the norm for me. But hey, I can testify that you feel a lot better about your grades when you know you've given it your all. I guess I'm just preparing myself for next semester. 

To... what we do in my college class. . .
yes, each week consists of one of the following: painting, using construction paper, or play dough. 

 To... the fact that when my computer is plugged into the TV you can pip the TV onto the screen. 
I'm sure I've just been out of touch to not realize this until recently but hey, it was exciting when I found this out. Hockey and Twilight. Yes, Twilight was on my TV, guilty. 

To... my new toy. 
Yeah, I realize this is a super bad angle for a picture but...
It's pretty. I love it. End of story. 

 To... this blue nail polish I found. 
It's totally crazy and super different from something I'd normally do but I'm absolutely loving it. 

 To... this rooster sweater. Yes. Ugly, I know. 
As of late it's becoming harder and harder to be different and march to my own drum. 
Maybe if I buy this heinous sweater I'll be back on track. 

To... this mysterious orange stain that has graced me with its presence on my living room furniture. 
I have absolutely no idea how it got there and I can't recall vomiting cheez-its.. like ever. 
No one else seems to know how it got there either. Hmm. 
Dear orange stain that will never come out, you are my nemesis. 

 To... this dinosaur sweatshirt that I intend to get in the not too distant future. 
Yes, it's weird. Yes, everyone hates it. But I absolutely adore it. 
Hey, maybe the fact that everyone hates it is a very good thing. 

Alas, tomorrow is Monday and it's back to the real world. Would you believe me if I actually said I'm not totally dreading Monday this week? 
I have a ton to do. 

Constantly busy and on the go = a much happier Kylie 
Weird but true. 

Till next time! 


  1. Cute pictures :) I definitely feel that first one; so glad I don't have to study right now!

    I'm your newest follower and can't wait to read more from you. Don't be a stranger!

    - Erin xo

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  2. Hey there. New follower. Love the randomness...and the blue nail polish:).
    Stop by and say hi when you can.