Even though it is almost 5 months after my birthday, I recently got a birthday gift. My sister waited until she found the PERFECT gift (hence why it's 5 months later) and gave it to me over Thanksgiving weekend.

It is PERFECT!!!

It's a game called Spot It.... Best game ever. If I had to pick it would be in my top 3. If you haven't heard of it I suggest you take a look at it here and with Christmas coming up it's a great gift and a great price. They also have many variations of it that you can see here
I really wasn't aware they had variations of it until I got this birthday present. 

I was SO stoked when I opened it. NHL SPOT IT!!!! No way, my two favorite things mixed together? Hockey and Spot it!?! 
I tore that sucker open so fast and I obviously didn't get a picture until after I'd opened it and had made everybody play. I felt like it was a Christmas morning from when I was 7 and couldn't wait to play with my toys. 

Okay enough rambling... more cliff notes 

Here is our awesome Thanksgiving dinner. The first real meal in my sister's new house. 
(They moved in the week of Thanksgiving) 
It was delicious and my mom did an AMAZING job! 

Earlier this week I had a rough day and was a wreck. After I finally emerged from my room I found hot Cafe Rio on the counter. I hadn't been eating and my roommate knew that I couldn't turn down Rio. Bless her heart she went and got me two pork tacos. Delish! 
Can you say TACO TUESDAY!?!?! 

Last night I was having another melt down. It seemed to be a theme for a couple of days (glad that's over). My mom stopped by my place to visit. She showed me a picture my brother had sent her earlier that day. It was of a van for a woodwork company. Looking at the pictures on it we realized the middle picture is totally of our dinning room!!! We couldn't believe it. Small world! 

Ooo ooo I just looked on their website and there is also a picture of our front door.

And just because I'm immature and find this hilarious. . . 

Happy Wednesday folks! 

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  1. I freaking love you.
    And let's document the crap out of this weekend. I feel like it's going to be a great one. =)