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 As of late, I'm loving the following

Maui Babe after browning lotion. I found this about 2 years ago and have loved it ever since. It's incredible. It makes your skin smoother than a baby's bottom! It's not scented, which I like because then you can pair it with any perfume you want...it still has a pleasant lotion smell though and I love that. It's also not greasy. I can't stand lotion that stays on your hands forever! I use this all the time, not just after a day in the sun. 

This tank. It's totally different but I'm in love with it and would totally wear it! 

This pave bracelet It's so adorable and I love how chunky it is. It's also sparkly and I love a little bling. If somebody wanted to get this for me I wouldn't object. I mean it is almost my birthday. wink wink. 

My Hot Tools curling wand. Best curling iron I've ever used. Perfect curls every time! If it ever dies, I will cry. And I mean, it's gotta be a million times better than this

FRIENDS!!!! I stole borrowed my sister's complete series and I've been watching it like crazy. I'd never seen it before now. I don't know how I've gone this long without it. It's hilarious and seven seasons later, I still haven't gotten sick of the opening song. It's so happy sounding. It's got that dance crazily around the living room in your underwear kinda vibe. I will definitely be buying my own complete series sometime in my lifetime. 

These shoes. They're probably sitting on my doorstep as we speak. 

What are you loving? 

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  1. I've heard so much about Maui Babe and have been dying to try it!! You're blog is seriously the cutest! I love it. I am your newest follower and would love to follow each other! :)

    xo, ciara