I Think It's Funny When (Wedding Edition). . .

- people who have been out of high school for less than a year think they're ready for marriage.

- the above said people register for 4 shower curtains, 36 place settings, 7 cooling racks, 11 frying pans, an NBA toaster, and the best of all-- a Disney princess waffle maker.

- people have two receptions when they live less than an hour apart. I understand having 2 when you're from different states or legitimately far away and what not, but seriously less than an hour apart? Just meet in the middle.

- people send wedding invites to people they haven't seen or talked to in ages. Chances are they're just fishing for more gifts.

- people get engaged after dating for two months and married two months later. Because you definitely know everything about that person after 4 months.

- the main reason some people choose to get married ridiculously fast is for one three letter word. Sex.

- I jokingly asked somebody (who proposed after 2 months) why he waited so long and he took me seriously and said, "I don't know why I waited so long, actually."


  1. HAHAHA Yes! I got married at 19 WTF was I thinking Im happily divorced now HA!

  2. These are great! My (2.5 year) boyfriend's brother just got engaged after a very short period and people keep asking us what we are waiting for. Ummm...the right time, til were ready, til were older...the list goes on. Why is the trend these days to get married so quickly?! I'm lost...

  3. I got married when I was 20, so I obviously have a different opinion than you, but that alcohol quote is seriously hilarious hahaha.