October 24

For those of you who were wondering (my dear mother) today is NOT October 24. I'm glad you're punctual and all but a week early is a little excessive.

Today was crazy, I'm exhausted but felt that I have neglected my blog far too much lately. I need more balance in my life. It was a good start to the day when I went to institute and found a poster advertising for institute.  It was a quote from a guy saying why he loved institute.  It read, "The Spirit is divine, the food is sublime, and the women are fine." hahaha Where are all these cute, funny, LDS, witty guys hiding?

 It was all down hill from there. . . Cue my Asian roommate. LOVE HER!!! Not. Basically, she stinks. End. Of. Story. We have been fighting her for days now. She "cooks" a lot of crap that words can't even describe the stankage. Basically if you were to close your eyes and pick something out of our fridge, you either have a death wish or you're on Fear Factor. Oh I also love how she destroys everything and ignores post it notes, chore charts, and pounding on her bedroom door. We don't have much to work with here people! Can you deport people for unsanitary living conditions? Anyways where this was all going is we did some massive grocery shopping today.  Well Ms. Stank has taken up more than half of the fridge by herself. She so kindly moved my stuff out of my drawer to make room for her unidentifiable concoctions while I was gone for fall break. Well our lovely friend Mary helped us cram all her stuff onto only 3/5 of the fridge versus 4/5.  That's right we are slowly commandeering the fridge. Watch out Ms. Stank. We will win. You don't mess with the best AKA Jess and Ky.

Well then tonight my mom had planned a SLC haunted tour for us girls to go on.  Amanda and her picked me up and we headed downtown to the location where this tour was to begin.  Well our first clue should've been that there was no signs or other people. So we get out of the car and start walking over. We stand there for a minute and my mom looks at the ticket. October 24 at 9 pm.  Amanda so kindly looks at her and says it's not the 24.  Some words were said some laughter shared and we were on our merry little way. To Chili's. You know those annoying people that are really loud in the restaurant and you sit there wondering if they're drunk? Well that was us.  I don't know when the last time I laughed that hard was. Between Amanda ordering "her" chips and salsa and threatening to dine and dash not knowing  the waiter was walking by. It was a great night.  My abs hurt so much from laughing. It was amazing. So All worked out even though it isn't October 24.

Sorry I don't have pictures. I'm too lazy to get them off my phone. I may or may not add some soon.

P by the S: I went to Wal-Mart today on our epic shopping adventure and could not find the freaking bathroom scales anywhere! Who doesn't sell bathroom scales? Wal-Mart. That's who.


  1. THE BEST!!!!!! =) hahaha, good post. Good post. Just thought I'd share. ALSO, We shall target adventure because the walmart is retarded. Scale wise. Just stranglin.

  2. I know it sounds strange, but the scales are in Hardware with the other bathroom hardware.