Steady As She Goes

Yes, it is 12:45 am. 
Yes, I should be sleeping.
But I can't. So that means blog post from yours truly! 
I'm going to be SO exhausted by the time tomorrow night is over. I'm sure it's all worth it though.

Pretty sure I've been laying in bed now for close to 2 hours and I still can't wipe this perma-smile off my face.  Life's funny that way. Ever been on Tower of Terror, the ride at Disney Land? I like to think life is like that. Constantly up and down, never steady, always exciting, worth it in the end. It's crazy how quickly things can change. Wasn't it just last night I was balling to my mom and dad in my apartment? Yes it was. Now I'm feeling more content than ever.  One thing I have learned lately is the power of prayer and priesthood blessings.  It is amazing that such a simple thing can bring such peace and comfort. 

Life's been funny lately. Really low lows and really high highs.  I don't even know how to describe it.  All I know is that I would be no where if it weren't for my family.  I've never felt closer to them.

 My sweet sweet mom is willing to come visit me and bring me ice cream because I don't feel like going out.  Not to mention all the other things she brought. A weekly calendar to keep my stress down, magnets, markers, make-up, and even a trashy magazine (she knows me all too well). She's also willing to listen to my crap 24/7.

My hard working, strong and steady dad who is willing to drive clear up to my apartment just to give me a blessing. He gives me the encouragement I need but is also understanding. If that's not enough to make you feel better his humor is sure to do the trick.  I wish I had a book of all the funny things he's said because they are priceless memories and I wouldn't trade that for anything.

My amazing, beautiful, energetic sister.  She may be miles away but she's willing to do anything. Yes, even trying to get me a date by putting the word out through Facebook. She's so happy and is such a great mom to her adorable kids.  She is one of my biggest role models and is always there for me through and through. If I ever need to talk to her she's only a phone call away.

My fun, honest, tell it like it is brother.  He's always the one to give me a reality check and bring me back down to earth. He gives the greatest advice and always pushes me to work harder. He's the one I ask a million questions to, just so I can get a guys perspective on the situation. He's my Party Rock Anthem, Taylor Swift, Plain White T's, and Parachute buddy.

Sorry to go off but I just hope they know how much they mean to me, especially lately.  Even though we are all miles apart, I've never felt closer.

And just for fun this was my reality check from my brother today. It opened my eyes and made me think.
"Going on dates is like looking for a job. It's stupid to get hopes about one and not apply for others. Put your resume out there and when you get multiple offers, choose the best." 
what lies out there no one knows
the tide could bring in anything
so steady as she goes.  

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  1. And your family loves you just as much!! You are a very important part of our family and we are lucky we have you!! Thanks for all that you do for us!!