KC and the who?

Yesterday my mom and I decided to check out the state fair.
It stunk, but only literally. Let's just say I never plan on living on or near a farm. 

We first went and saw the animals.  Cows, pigs, sheep. 
So. Many. Flies.

Then we saw this cute little girl in the cow barn who was just totally content and happy as a lark.  She had her Cabbage Patch doll and was good to go. 

I took lots of pictures of the ferris wheels.  I just think they look really old and cool. 

They had different booths set up selling stuff.  This was the pillow pet booth.  haha
I did end up getting a cool plaque that has my name spelled out with different license plates but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it! I'll have to post it later. It's super cool! 

I didn't know actual lemonade stands like this existed outside of amusement park tycoon. Hence why I took this picture. 

Then we went to a free concert. Before the concert this guy (pictured below) came out onto the stage to introduce the group.  Well you can't see very well from the picture but it's the guy who plays Eldon in The Singles Ward movie.  I was probably more excited about seeing him than I was to see the concert.

 It was KC & the Sunshine band.  Yeah, I had never heard of them before either. But I ended up knowing about 3/5 of the songs they performed.  Embarrassing! 
Have you heard of him? Some of his hits are. . .  

- Get Down Tonight
- That's The Way (I like it)
- Keep It Comin' love
- Shake, Shake, Shake (shake your booty)

Welcome to the 70's! 

This guy was so old he was like 60! haha and to make it even better he was more bedazzled than Christian Audigier (Ed Hardy clothing). 

I'm surprised he could move around the stage like he did. 

He comes out and he says "I know there's lots of kids out here wondering who the ____ I am. Well, I was your mom's N'SYNC." Ha, not even close! He then continues to say. "Yeah, that's right, one day Justin Timberlake will look like this." hahaha at least he's funny and knows he's older than a dinosaur. 

The concert was . . . interesting. 
I have never seen so many old drunk people dancing.  These people were seriously having the time of their lives! This concert was seriously a prime people watching zone. Never better. 

Inside my head during the concert: 
  • ooo the lights are blue and red. Hey the big game is on Saturday. I'm excited. I hope the Utes win. 
  • Hey look, a guy in a Korver Jazz jersey. I wonder if the NBA is still in a lockout.  There better be a season. Maybe it's not too late to talk dad into season tickets. 
  • He's (KC) wearing a wedding ring. . . I wonder if his wife knows he's fondling his "back up dancer/singer"
  • Ewe, he has an earring.  EWWWE, it's a dangly earring, and it's bedazzled. Gross. 
  • The drummers black.  And he has dreads.  I wonder if he's from Jamaica.
  • I wonder what the weather is going to be like tomorrow.  Is it still too warm for a jacket? I wish fall would get here all ready. 
  • Oh, a Utah state fair sign.  I should take a picture.  

After the concert we got some kettle corn and headed for home. 

I love this picture of the ferris wheel. One of my favorites. 

 Even though I made fun of this guy a lot in this blog post, I must admit I had a ton of fun with my mom.  We laughed a ton and cracked jokes the whole time.  It was a perfect way to spend my afternoon and evening. It's definitely one event I probably won't ever forget! 

I'd highly recommend putting "attend a state fair" on your bucket list. 

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