Holy War Weekend

I've always wanted to "hike" the U.  We decided we would finally go last Friday. We were all naive and thinkin' it would be a real hike.
We packed our lunches and off we went.  We drove to the "trail head" and headed down what we thought was going to be a fun little hike.  Well basically you go onto a paved path for about 100 ft.  This dumps you into a neighborhood where you walk along the paved road for another 50 ft and whoa now that you're short of breathe and your legs are trembling from that intense hike... you're finally there! Yeah, what a hike! 

Despite the no hiking it was pretty cool to see it up close. 

That's me. On the paved road. In front of the U. 

The view was pretty cool. 

Me and Jess. . . I'm glad I have no eyes. Courtesy of my hat. 

Well Saturday rolled around and it was game day. 
Go Utes! 
Not going to lie.  I was pretty nervous for this game. 
That was until the first 2 minutes of the game when BYU basically gift wrapped a touchdown and handed it to us. 
Final score? 
Utah: 54 
BYU: 10 
My favorite reaction about the final score came from my cousin. . . 
 BYU got Jimmered! 

Dad was a sport and watched the game with 3 Ute fans.  After the first couple minutes of the game he says, "maybe I should go change my shirt." 

This is him after the game. I helped him with his headwear. 

 Sunday was basically pretty normal. Not much happened.  Jess did help me plan my week though.  This is what resulted. . . 

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