The Dating Game Explained

   Ever since I was little I can remember my mom listening to Dr. Laura on the radio.  I always thought it was complete and utter non-sense but over the past year she's been growing on me.  It wasn't until the car ride home from Bear Lake though that I really decided I like her. Everything I had been thinking the past couple months came out of her mouth in a matter of a few sentences. I'm warning you, she's blunt but everything she says really sums up what dating has become over the past few years. 

"... Because girls have become pigs. Stupid pigs. I'm sorry I'm being very blunt. Stupid pigs. And you know, women like you... listen to me, this is important...women who behave slutty like you, make it very difficult for nice girls to find a guy. Because guys don't want to commit anymore, because they can screw you, they can get you to clean their toilets for them. . . You're behaving in a non-self respecting way, and you're lowering the bar for guys behavior and expectations and what they have to do to get a woman.  It used to be if a guy couldn't make a living, he couldn't get a date. He'd have to go to a prostitute... now they have you.  So nice girls don't know what to do, they can't get a date cause guys expect women to act like you. That's what you've done.  ...  Desperation is not the way a woman should choose a man. In all the fairytales the guys had to slay dragons and do all sorts of things to win her. Prove he was man enough. Prove his commitment. All you needed him to do was to drop his drawers."

Ahh! Alas! The world makes sense again!
Questions answered.

If you're interested you can hear her say it herself, right here .
 It starts at about 1 minute 24 seconds.

Sometimes the blunt way is the best way. 

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  1. She nails this one on the head!! She is SOOOO right!