Long Way Down

"What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?" 

The answer is simple. Everything. Unfortunately for the majority of us, it's not that simple. We let results of the past get in the way of our current dreams, hopes, and wishes. Is there a right and wrong time to let go? 

Much of the past we hold on to is polluted with stress and agony we once faced. We carry this baggage around and the only thing it does is prevent us from having a fulfilling present. Letting go of the past can be harder than anyone dares to recognize and we often find ourselves congested with the idea that it could occur again.  Having thoughts like this only hinders us in the lives we live now. Not going after things we truly desire because of this irrational fear. Letting go is crucial if we are to move on with our lives and obtain the things that will truly make us happy. The past is the past. Permanent. We need to realize that it's done and let it go. We did the very best we could at that time and now, because of it, we are better prepared for the future. Dwelling on the past isn't getting us anywhere different.  What will get us somewhere is forcing ourselves to move on. Time will heal and eventually the scars will fade away. This is now and it's up to us to make it what we want.  Take chances, even if you're scared.  If this does nothing else you'll get a good adrenaline rush. There comes a point when you realize you have to make the life you want for yourself. It's not going to come and find you. Go out and pursue it. Build your hopes. Be willing to fall, be willing to risk, be willing to learn, but most of all be willing to embrace the present. 

"Cause it's a long way down when your hopes are high as mountains, and I am worried that I'm falling for you" 

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