Trashy TV

Yes, I waste my time watching trashy "reality" TV and love every second of it.  Judge me.

 Bachelor Pad 2 has been one of the greatest of all time. I can't even begin to sequester all the moments that had me laughing to no end. There are a few that stood out though and thus this blog post. 

The egg toss 

Kasey steps up and says how easy this is going to be because he played baseball. He misses. #karmaisabeast

Erica gets pelted by the eggs when the guys are asked who the least attractive girl is in the house.  I felt bad until I realized she is 25 and still playing Pretty Pretty Princess. Honey ditch the tiara, we're done playing dress up.


Ames is weird. A robot. Well Jackie got voted off and he takes off running after the limo, pink pants and all. 

Kasey- constantly wearing his "jenius" t-shirt in his interviews.  I guess he left his "jidiot" t-shirt at home. 

synchronized swimming

Basically it was the fact that the guys beat all the girls who were supposedly so good at dance. 

And then there was the kissing contest. . . as if Kasey wasn't bad enough before 

We got to listen to all the girls talk about how bad his breath was haha 
He's definitely a winner! 

And last but not least "The Nearlywed Game" 

Michelle and Graham . . . pure "jenius"

If the answer needed to be male they said Michael
If it needed be female they said Holly
If it was numerical they said 7

"How old were you when you lost your virginity?"

haha such a good strategy!

To top it off Vienna and Kasey figured they knew each other so well they wouldn't do anything before this competition. They came in last. 


  1. I'm totally on board with you, but I can't stop watching!! What does that say about me? How come they are all so dumb and keep Vienna and Casey around???????

  2. Haha Taylor and I watch every Monday! I love the ridiculousness of the show. It makes me laugh too! I can't understand the Vienna and kasey thing either! They make me a little sick :)