A Tourist in Your Own City

I go to institute for the pictures. 

After institute I have a large break before my next class so Jess and I decided to go down to Temple Square.  We started our adventure in the JSB.  A lovely old lady named Ida, yes Ida, gave us a mini "tour" around in the lobby.  It is the 100th birthday of this building this year and it was decked out with its past history and guests who once stayed at Hotel Utah, the grandest hotel west of the Mississippi. We learned some interesting facts such that multiple churches originally built it, the Joseph Smith statue in the lobby was found in a warehouse back east, and the big chandelier in the lobby is brought down twice a year for cleaning. Famous guests included: Elvis Presley, Bing Crosby, and many of the U.S. Presidents.

We then said goodbye to Ida and headed over to the temple. It was so nice outside today!!!! 

Our dear friend Ida also informed us that we could go up on the observation deck of the church office building. We thought we'd journey up there and boy am I glad we did.  The view was INCREDIBLE and it was such a clear day. It was possibly the coolest thing I've seen in a while. 

The capital. 

The view up towards the U. (Go Utes!)

The temple square view from up there was breathtaking! 

To end our adventure we stopped at Einstein's Bagels and grabbed a quick lunch and headed back up to school.  

 I was amazed by how much I have passed by all my life and never really took the time to notice.  
Next on my list: tour Kennecot copper mine, tour the conference center, visit the state capitol, mezzanine level of the JSB, go see the daughters of the utah pioneers museum, and when the winter rolls around the lights at temple square are a must! (They were putting them up while we were there today)

It was a great mini adventure and even cooler to be a tourist in your own city. I'd highly recommend it! 

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