Growing Up

Good news! In 4 weeks I will no longer be living with the current roommates I have. I know, I'm so sad. How will I ever live without them?!? Living in an unsanitary environment, listening to them and their boyfriends all night long, disgusting smells, gross food, raw meat left out for days.... I'm terribly sad to be leaving.

I hope you can sense the sarcasm. 

I'm moving to the cutest little apartment downtown at the end of this semester. I'm SO excited I can't even say. It's basically brand new and nicer than I could ever imagine. I did lots of house hunting before my mom and I decided that this would be the best place for me. You wouldn't believe some of the places we looked at. They were definitely pretty sketchy. It's amazing how people don't take care of  anything. 

I made my very first large purchase for my new/future homes. A living room set! 

It's so cute and super comfortable which is a major bonus! 

Feast your eyes. . . 

I am also in major debate mode about this kitchen table. I need to decide soon and don't know what to do.  Any opinions and comments are more than welcome! Help me out here people! 
I'm so excited to be moving words can't even say. I feel like this will be a huge stepping stone for me. Even though I'm in an "apartment" now I feel like this will finally be MY place and MY home. I already feel so much more grown up and I haven't even moved in yet. 
I can't wait to just hang out and be totally comfortable in my own place! 

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