Total Eclipse

Hello bloggies! I'm going to get better at this. Someday. 
Here's the latest...

I cleaned out my wallet. I know. You all wish this was a highlight of your life as it is a major one in mine. My new wallet is yellow. I love yellow. 
Oh also, if you ever need validations at the Gateway let me know. I have 12, yes, 12 in my wallet. That's not including the ones in my lovely vehicle. 

Also I'm not sure if you're aware, you most likely are but there was a total solar eclipse the other day. 
My mom and dad decided we'd take the plane and fly down south to see it better. My aunt and uncle came along too. It was their first time flying with my dad. 

It was so bumpy on the way down. I have never gotten that motion sick in my life. I'm sure the chewy sprees and dr. pepper I had before we went didn't exactly help. 

This was before I got sick. 

When we got there it was a nice surprise to find a bunch of serious lookers with their expensive telescopes. They were kind enough to share and it was definitely a step up from our one welding mask that we brought. 
I really wasn't sure what the big deal was and after getting sick I was convinced it wasn't worth it. But much to my surprise it was amazing and the fact that it only happens every 20 years ish made me really happy I saw it. 

There was not a cloud in the sky and it was incredible. 
Here are some pictures we took through the telescope. The telescope was amazing. You could literally see solar flares and the surface of the sun. It was a once in a lifetime thing. 

The adventures continue this weekend. We're heading to Bear Lake! 
I'm super excited. It's been a lot warmer this year than usual and that means awesome boating. It will be the first time of the season and I'm stoked! 

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