May Days

You'd think with how uneventful my life can be that I'd blog more. Obviously not. 

Well the good news is I'm all moved into my new place. I LOVE it! It actually feels like a house and a home. It's my first time really being on my own. Away from campus and in a real apartment. It was a pretty big deal for me but it's been a really good change. 

Let's back up. . . 

I never did find a table that I was absolutely in love with. I really wanted one with colored chairs because thats just how I am. I don't like ordinary things. Jess and I decided to go to a few garage sales a week before we moved in just to see if we could find anything we might need. 
We went to a lot. Probably around 10 total. We got around. We pulled up to one of them and it didn't really look like they had much but Jess insisted we go look real fast just to see. Thank heavens she did. They had a cute little table. It wasn't exactly what I wanted but they were asking 65$ for it and I figured I could paint it. I did love the chairs and it came with a leaf which was an added bonus. I wasn't sold and wanted to talk to my mom about it before I got it so I headed home. She said she thought it was a good idea and I called the lady back and asked if she would take 40 for it. She said 50 and it was a done deal 

It went from this. . . .

Black and Distressed 

To this. . . 

Colorful and absolutely perfect. I even got my colored chairs. They look really bright and obnoxious in this picture but they really aren't in real life. They're toned down but still happy. 
So I figured that total for the table I spent about $120. Totally worth it. Gotta love DIY stuff. 

I don't know if you can tell but the table is brown. 

The first night we moved in Jess didn't have a bed and so we both crashed in the family room. 
We were both blessed to have aunt flo visit both of us the day of the move. 
Moving + Cramps = no good. 
Thank heavens for all the help we had moving. We couldn't have done it without them! Thanks Mom, Dad, and Garrett!!!

Later that night Jess bought a heating pad. 

"I'm just going to tie this on my uterus."

 The lovely John Paras furniture store screwed up and sent my couches to Rock Springs. Awesome. 
Mind you that this was after my mom had called them numerous times to make sure the delivery was set for the 1st of May. 
Basically they're stupid and we had to wait a week before we could get them. 

Here are some pictures of the family room area. And may I add my couches are super comfortable! I love them! 

Here are some pictures of my room. Well parts of my room. 

My mom painted the dresser and it turned out super cute! I love the stuff above it as well. 
The modge podge wall is still a work in progress and it looks better in person. Really. It matches the mirror above my dresser really well so it all ties together. I like it and my rooms super spacious! A good change from this past year. 

Other random occurrences. . . 

 So fun! 

Also my mom had talked about finding a fake bonsai tree for my apartment. Well we never did find one. This past weekend some lady showed up on the street corner selling real ones and my mom got me this cute little one. I love it! It's like a little house warming present. 

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