Confessions - Of a Tough TIme

I confess... today has been hard. Really, really hard.

I confess... when I got home my roommate came out and cried with me.

I confess... it's nearly impossible to cry around little kids. I still manage to do so but it's hard.

I confess... Aaron Carter had a large role in the past weekend. Between "How I beat Shaq" and his DWTS dance, he cheered me up a little.

I confess... I'm going to try to blog more. It's an outlet. It will help right?

I confess... I don't know the last time I ate a full meal.

I confess... I loved hearing my little niece walk around saying "Kylie, Kylie" all weekend.

I confess... I love how my other niece now calls me Ky instead of Kylie.

I confess... I ditched my phone on and off this last weekend and it helped.

I confess... my 1 yr old niece found her mom's iphone and got into the camera. She took TONS of pictures. I just sat there and watched cause I thought it was funny. Maybe I should've stopped her but I didn't.

I confess... LoVecchio, Tuzzolino, and Watson are all on the protected list. I don't know what this means exactly but I'm guessing it's a good thing.

I confess... I "cleaned out" everything at 1:30 am. I'm done. Got rid of all reminders. I got a small but crucial power boost from an awesome blog my mom showed me. 60 days starts now! I know it will be tough but I can do it. I don't need anyone but my family and friends.

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  1. We're here for you!! Rooting & cheering because you deserve the best!