Walk Away

Dearest Darlingest Eric and Andrew, 

Someday I will see you live again. Someday I'll meet you. You're probably the number one reason that I make it through most days. You're amazing people. I feel like we're best friends even though we've never met. If I could run away with you guys on tour, I would. 

                                     your future best friend

"Walk Away"
The Scene Aesthetic

We’ve been waiting on a sure sign
Counting down the hours
Life is passing by one day at a time
If we could look away
And see the light on the other side
It takes feeling so small to stop and realize
With a little bit of patience
A little bit of time
We’re the Makers of our days and we’ll decide

If we could walk away
We’d be living up north
On the shores each Sunday
Find our place
We’d be there
If we could leave this state
Build a cabin way up high in the tallest mountains
Find some peace
Make do on our own
When we’ve finally found home

You’ve been feeling like an anchor so alone
At the bottom of the ocean, everybody’s long since sailed back home
I’ve been waiting for a chance to come your way
Lead us somewhere safe with the path that I have made

There’s no distance that I wouldn’t cross
To make you feel a little less alone
There is nothing that I wouldn’t do
To prove to you that I can make us whole

We could live forever building castles out of sand
Holding onto something that may never last
I’d rather live forever knowing that at least we took this chance
So let the tide roll in and take away these plans

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