The Greatest Game

Shocker... another hockey post. But we must address why hockey is greater than any other sport.
(or at least in my eyes)

First and foremost...
Attractive men. 

 I think that's enough examples to prove my point. If you need more just let me know.

Fast paced. 
The game never stops. Each team gets one 30 second timeout the whole game.

Tough players.

Easy to understand. 

Excitement is contagious.

You can be extremely close to the action.

Indoor sport. No unexpected weather turns.

Extremely high level of skill. 

Shift Changes. 


Penalty shots. 

Shoot outs. 
Talk about intense. And what an exciting way to end a game.

Hat tricks. 

Play offs. 

Long season. 

No cheerleaders.
NFL and NBA cheerleaders are just annoying to me personally.

Goal celebrations. 

Post playoff handshake. 
It's not yours until you shake on it.

And finally the whole reason for this post. 

When Lebron gave his championship interview, he said "I" 17 times and "we" 0 times.
When Jonathan Toews gave his speech when the Blackhawks won, he said "we" 14 times and "I" 0 times. 

Hockey wins. 


  1. Eeeee!!!!!!!! LOVE this post!!!!!!!!! I'm a huge hockey fan :)

    Fun fact: I'm a major Flyers fan and my fiance is a huge Penguins fan.... hockey season gets very verrrrry interesting around here :)

  2. Hockey is by far my favourite professional sport. I've been a Hawks fan since before I was born and was so incredibly excited when they won the cup. (Not nearly as excited as my dad though.) Hubby is an Avalanche fan so hasn't had much to cheer about recently, but he was pretty excited with their first-round draft pick since Nathan MacKinnon grew up pretty close to us.