I Believe...

I believe it’s never too early for a diet coke.

I believe in being a decent person and not screwing people over.

I believe in please and thank yous. No exceptions.

I believe in always using the correct form of your/you're. 

I believe things happen at the most unexpected times. 

I believe right now I could hold my breath for 60 seconds. Nope, 41 seconds. Man, I’m outta shape!

I believe change takes a lot of courage.

I believe we should live every week like shark week.

I believe in making wishes. 

I believe in always having my toenails painted. 

I believe in hoping for the best. 

I believe online shopping is the best form of retail therapy.

I believe that over thinking can be dangerous. 

I believe in laughing till your abs hurt.

I believe that someday all my "why?" questions will be answered. 

I believe in being a die-hard sports fan.

I believe Rachel & Ross were on a break.

I believe in doing what makes you happy. Regardless of what others think. 

I believe in driving around with the radio blasting and singing your guts out. 

I believe in forgiving people. 

I believe that Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake have the best bromance in the history of bromances.

I believe in skipping dinner and just eating dessert.

I believe in naps.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. No matter how much I don't understand things, this is one thing that I will always believe. 

I believe that sometimes the only thing you need to make yourself feel better is a genuine, good cry. 

I believe Steve Madden boots are the best investment a girl can make. 

I believe in new beginnings.

I believe I can hold my breath now for 60 seconds. Dang it! Only 43. 

I believe people can change and grow. 

I believe in giving people compliments. 

I believe the more I learn the less I know.

I believe Cory & Topanga are the best couple ever and someday I hope to find my Cory. 

I believe it doesn’t matter what you say, it’s what you do.

I believe in making mistakes.

I believe everyone is weird in his or her own way.

I believe running away up in the mountains is the best way to clear your mind. 

I believe this is the coolest sign I have ever found while out exploring on my own.
 Cheesy that I love it so much, but it's my last name. 


  1. "I believe Rachel & Ross were on a break." Haha, I laughed out loud! Love this blog idea.

  2. When I read this a few weeks ago I loved and wished I'd been with you and listening to you say these things aloud. I love you Kylie!! xoxox