What I Learned at the 2013 Holy War

Disclaimer: if you're a Y fan, you probably shouldn't read this because this post just "isn't fair". Or you can read it and complain after. The choice is yours. 

If you've ever been to Utah you know that there is a massive rivalry between us Utah Utes and those so called Cougars aka the "Team Down South". This year was a big deal because it will be the last rivalry game for 3 years. That means the winner will be entitled to massive bragging rights. I was lucky enough to go to the game but unfortunately it was on their turf. I mean grass. So, while I was down in Provo, I learned a thing or two...

  • First and foremost would definitely be that this war is no where near holy. 
  • Nothing is fair. 
  • "Defense" is too long of a word. We must say "D". "Let's go D" "We got this D" ... because you know, 2 syllables is way too much to handle.
  • Caffeine is not allowed within 3 square miles of BYU. We wouldn't want to make our student section too loud and exciting. 
  • Nothing is fair.

  • The Y "fans" have no clue what the words to their fight song are. 
  • Dropping the F-bomb is a-okay at a school that prides themselves on their "high" standards. Y fans will defend each other when throwing this word around. But, if this happens at the U it's totally unacceptable. Even though our school has no such "honor" code that we should be representing. Oh by the way... Where was Hadley tonight? 
  • The Ute fans will always be classless. The Y is always super classy. 

It's okay Max, we hate you too. 

Can we all just admit that when it comes to this "holy" war there is no class present anywhere. 

  • The fact that we are part of the Pac 12 really pisses off every Y fan. Even though they can't tell you why. 
  • Nothing is fair.
  • The BYU student section is pitiful... easily 3 times larger than the MUSS and about 30 times quieter.
  • The guy behind me wants to know where in the scriptures it says you can't say the F-word. 
  • Bitter is an understatement 
  • The refs are so unfair, unless of course they rule in BYU's favor, then they're suddenly amazing. 
  • The U is paying the refs under the table to rule in our favor. Yup, 20 grand each time. 
  • Nothing is fair.
This was seen multiple times throughout the game. It just wasn't fair. 
  • The fact that the score board accidentally got messed up when resetting the clock and showed the Utes had 6 more points than we really did, is our fault. Even though it was at their stadium and they had control of the score board. It's all the Utes' fault.

  • The MUSS alone can be louder than the whole BYU stadium combined. Sad but true. 
  • Y fans are total whiners. If something doesn't go their way it is nothing but complaining and excuses. Man up. We do... we got a penalty for illegal substitution... dang it, we screwed up, let's move on with the game. 
  • It is only the Ute fans who are rude. The Y fans can do no wrong. 

And oh yeah, did I mention that nothing is fair? 

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