864 Hours

36 days
864 hours
51,840 minutes
and 3,110,400 seconds
till my BIRTHDAY!!!! I tend to get just a LITTLE over excited about my birthday. I think I'm cooler than I am and like to make a big deal about it. If I'm being honest I like to make a big deal of everyone's birthday. Birthdays are great! I love them!

Usually around this time of the year I have a list of things that seem appealing to me. My unrealistic request list AKA my wish list.

Orange Nivea!!! I saw this once last summer and I didn't get it and now I can't find it anywhere. Basically I just want it because I LOVE Nivea and the orange SPF protection chapstick is the only one I do not have. My collection is not complete without it.

Next is an iPhone 4, preferably a white one. It's ridiculously awesome and I want one way bad. I feel I should drop in the detail that I've had my current phone for over a year! I know that's not a totally long time but for those of you who know me, you know that this is indeed a new record. There's also the factor of that commercial that says,
"If you don't have an iPhone, well, you don't have an iPhone."
Basically every time I watch TV I have someone conveniently tell me I'm not cool. haha I'm so ridiculous!

Guess what comes after the iPhone? The iPad! I played with one of these for the very first time yesterday and DANG!!!!!! They are freaken insane! They're so much fun. Especially when people leave their e-mail logged in and you reply to the "Trip to Europe" one informing the recipient that you just found out you can no longer go.
I'm just kidding about wanting an iPad, I really don't. But they are pretty freaken sweet!

I've been wanting some new running shoes since the beginning of summer and I wanted to design my own and make them how I want but then I found these and I love them. They're PURPLE!!! and super cute. I know, I know, don't buy running shoes because they're cute. Anyways, I still kinda want these.

This next thing is called a "fit bit" I saw it at Best Buy the other day and basically you clip it on and it tracks distance, steps, calories burned, etc. It syncs to a website automatically and you can track your progress. It's kind of like a body bug but not as bulky and noticeable.

Last is either a feather earring or feather hair extensions (just clip in ones)
They're so cute!!! I love them. I think they're way fun and different and I love getting things that are different and unique.

This is the earring one

And this is a clip in hair extension. Fun huh?

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