Photo Update

Good news! I finally got my butt out of bed today and decided I should throw some pictures on here before they never make it up.

So here ya go... the random and recent.

We were at Dillards the other day and we were looking at Betsey Johnson jewelry. Lately I've been loving it. Well while turning the display thing I came across this ring and just about died. I instantly thought of my friend Jess who is a little bit obsessed with giraffes.

Isn't that the funnest ring ever!!! I wanted to get it for her birthday but unfortunately it was $50 which I thought was a little much for a ring. Sorry Jess. Still love you!

I bought these bracelets at AE thinking they wouldn't bug me because they were elastic cloth material and didn't have much metal on them. Well I pushed it about halfway up my arm one day while I was at the gym and this is what resulted.

I got this awesome rash. (look below the bracelet about an inch you can see it) You can see the bird and all if you look close. This lasted about a week, I wish I were joking. Guess I won't be wearing these bracelets again. I love being allergic to all jewelry.

A couple weeks ago I got a package. I was taken by surprise. On the outside it didn't say who it was from it just said "Happy Early Birthday" Well I tore it open and here's what it was!

ORANGE NIVEA!!!!!!!!!!! I had been looking for this since last summer! It's impossible to find.
I have the best sister! Ever.

Thanks Amanda! Best Birthday present EVER!

Well last Thursday, the day after all my finals there was a free Parachute concert downtown. I wanted to go really bad and most of my friends were busy so I went with my cousin. We had lots of fun. We started our adventure off with getting snow cones.
Party in my mouth!

The concert was way good and it totally made me happy!

so there you go. the latest and greatest. :)

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