Chalk Art Festival

This weekend was the Chalk Art Festival down at Gateway for the Foster Families. Friday and Saturday they closed off the main road and allotted each artist a section. I really wanted to go see it but figured it wouldn't happen. Then Saturday night Garrett roped me in to going downtown to say goodbye to his friends. Well we ended up at Gateway and I got to see them! They were so amazing!

These are some of them...

(sorry some pictures are dark I looked at part of them and then later went back and looked at the rest. By that time it was getting dark outside.)

The theme for the whole even was "Foster Parents Are Magical"

It's like the Brady Bunch screen but it said foster parents and Harry Potter was in the middle with all his "foster parents" around him.

I LOVE this one!!! It's Peach!!!

They had many disney themed ones and they were SO cute!

The Little Mermaid one was incredible! Probably my favorite.

I don't know if you can read it, but it says, "You've left me no choice, here comes the smolder"

how to train your dragon

These pictures don't do them justice and there were about 20 or more others I didn't get pictures of but it was really really amazing! I'm glad I got to see it. . . hopefully it doesn't rain tonight!

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