I Confess...

I confess... I've already started listening to Christmas music. Not all the time but if my music is on shuffle and it comes on, I don't change it. 

I confess... I'm 85% done with my online classes for this week. It's Monday. That never happens.

I confess... I went to FHE tonight for the very first time this school year. I hated it. 

I confess... I want to learn calligraphy.  

I confess...today I had to make a color coded calendar from now till the end of the semester for the sake of my sanity. I have 6 papers and 6 finals. Yuck. 

I confess... I'm addicted to hockey. Last year it was basketball, this year it's hockey. I'm missing the games this weekend and am majorly bummed.

Hence my next confession

I confess... my latest life desire is to date a hockey player. I'd never miss a game. (this is half a joke. HALF.) Some of them are quite nice to look at. . . 
These guys are younger so they don't have missing teeth... yet. 

Exhibit A)

Exhibit B)

Both current players on the Utah Grizzlies. 

I confess... I started reading a book my mom gave me. It talks about a singles ward. It's unbelievably accurate. 

I confess... It's nice being single around the holidays. 

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