Let Me Grumble, Gripe, and Groan

Reasons why today sucks:
  • substitute in institute
  • men or should I say boys
  • grad student teachers 
  • people who say whatever whenever and have no filter whatsoever 
  • registration- let's just say my shortest class for spring semester is 2 hours long
  • jerky women who work at Bare Essentuals 
  • Christmas music is already on the radio
  • have a mass amount of time to work on my online class and it is "currently unavailable" 
Reasons why today is okay: 
  • got to hang out with my Korean roommate
  • got a super soft shirt
  • institute
  • gay guy trying to sell me soap at Nordstrom
  • heard a David Archuleta christmas song on the radio
  • heard JT's "Sexy Back" on the radio-which is never played anymore- and it's funny because of last weekends movie adventure
  • my hair piled on top of my head in the most disastrous messy bun you've ever seen
  • talking to my mom about boots 
  • pajamas
  • blogging 


  1. now those boots were: knit, UGG, maroon, size 8???

  2. They were either maroon or gray. Which ever color my mom thinks is cutest. haha

  3. Good thing you remembered!! I always forget the important things!!