It's Okay

It's okay . . .

... that to me, it is never too early for a Diet Coke. 

... to decide to be anorexic and then less than two hours later go to Cafe Rio and enjoy a huge delicious meal. (before ya'll freak out I would never become anorexic. It was more of an I'm so discouraged pitty party.)

... to take a ten minute pinterest break after every five minutes of studying.

... to feel a smidge bad after the above statement

... that I wish there were a new episode of Dance Moms on every day

... to think reeses taste better in an egg shape

... to leave class early because you teach yourself more than your teacher does

... that I have a new love for lipstick even though I'm super self conscious about wearing it

... that I am only now discovering and loving the show Saved By The Bell

... to get really excited about a new workout --- and then not do it.

... to want to go drive around just to listen to your music

... that my outfit today is a mix of spring, summer, and fall

... that I am seriously missing one of my old friends from elementary

... that I keep lying to myself that I still have weeks until finals

... that I'm convinced I'm a better blonde than brunette but inevitably I will make it darker sooner or later. Someone stop me.  

Happy Thursday! 


  1. This is a great post! It'd be a really fun link-up. Such a cute idea! Also, that gif made my night.

    Lesley / bytheporchlight.com

  2. Oh Abbey got the movesssss! hahaha.
    Love me some dance moms!!