In the Name of Baby

I wrote this post last night. I was wide awake and I didn't even have a diet coke that day. I stayed up listening to country music (I'm going through this country music phase. Old and new. I don't know what came over me. Oh yeah... Blake Shelton, Kenny Chesney, Luke Brian, Hunter Hayes, Dierks Bentley. That explains it.) and enjoying blogland where I've been AWOL. That's okay, my school committee thinks I'm non existent. Apparently I wasn't there as much as I thought I was. Anyways, assuming I fell asleep by midnight or more likely 1AM that's 4.5 hours of sleep. I'm seeing a nap in my future. 

Anywhoo.. oh yeah! The baby! 

My adorable cousin is pregnant and we were lucky enough to throw her a shower. I think it turned out really cute. 
Can you say cowboy theme!? 

We had name tags with "cowboy" names just for fun. 

I was High-noon Hank. Earlier that day I was at a planning meeting and we decided to meet at "high-noon" the next day for the activity, kid you not, that's what they really said. With that I couldn't turn down this name. I find it hilarious for some reason. 

The decorations turned out really cute. 
We had all things western. Hats, handkerchiefs, buckets with daisies, bottled soda, mason jars, candy sticks, beef jerky, barb wire garland, licorice, paper straws, trail mix, and pie. 

The favors were mason jars with salt water taffy in them. 

Anyways, onward to my favorite part. 
I'm so vain. . . 
I loved what I gave her. 

Bow ties that attach to onesies. I made all of them and I must say they look mighty fine. If I had a baby, he'd be looking dapper as all get out.

 Then this happened. 

My brother said it was disturbing. The rest of us found it hilarious. Okay maybe this picture is a little freakish. I guess you had to be there. We almost went through the SconeCutter drive through with them. Almost. 

Anybody have a baby I can borrow? 


  1. This is the cutest baby shower EVER!!! I love that you had fun with it and didn't take it too seriously (and I honestly mean that in the best way possible)

    PS. AMAZING gift idea!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for throwing me a shower! It was so cute and I loved the cowboy theme! You guys are so cute and creative! My little man is going to look sooo cute in the onesies you made him.

  3. OMG! what a super cute theme!!!
    Love it.