I Have a Shampoo Problem

When it comes to hair. I struggle. Always have, most likely always will. 
My hair is always the same length and I want long hair gosh dang it! 

Do I color it? Guilty. 
Do I blow dry it? Guilty.
Do I straighten it? Guilty.  

I know. It's simple. Stop doing these things and your hair will grow. Nope, not for me. I like to do things the difficult way. 

I have to blow dry and straighten or curl my hair. Trust me. I'm doing this for the sake of everyone's eye sight. If I don't do this I look like a poodle who went through a car wash on a humid day. 

I guess I could stop coloring my hair but I like being blonde. My natural hair color is darker than I like. I'm pretty sure I couldn't even tell you my precise natural color. It's been that long. 

Well lately, I have a shampoo problem.

I have gone through so many shampoos in the past few months it's embarrassing. I'm no hair expert and have no idea what actually helps my hair therefore I just try them all. 
I usually use Nexxus and this whole spectacle started when I ran out of my Costco sized bottles. I wanted something new. So the search began. 

The harsh Utah winter caught up to me. It was the coldest winter we've had in years. My scalp got super dry. Yuck. So I thought I'd try the new "Clear" shampoo. You know those new annoying commercials with Heidi Klum. Yeah, that shampoo. It worked pretty well but once my dry scalp was gone so was that shampoo. 

In order to help keep the dry scalp away and help with dry hair I looked for a deep conditioner and came across this Loreal one. It was seven dollars. I liked it pretty well and I still use it off and on now. 
Then I went and got my hair done. I found out one of her other clients uses Rehab from Lush and she said she noticed a huge difference in her hair. So what do I do? I went out and got it. Yup. I'm not sure how I feel about it. The smell isn't amazing, it's more of a minty smell, which goes away if you use conditioner after. I'm still using this one but I'm not sure I've noticed any difference. Like I said I'm not a hair expert and have no idea about anything. 

While at Lush I got the American Cream conditioner. I used it once and took it back. I hated it. The smell was way too strong. It was super heavy and lasted a long time. It wasn't a smell I liked getting a whiff of. The lady grilled me when I took it back. 

Me: I need to return this. 
Lady: Why? What's wrong with it?
Me: Nothing, I just didn't really like it for my hair. 
Lady: Well, why didn't you like it?
Me: I didn't like the smell and the way it made my hair feel.
Lady: We have other ones.
Me: That's okay I just want my money back.
Lady: Well, you're probably just not used to the luxury of organic, chemical free hair products. You shouldn't be using anything with chemicals you know. 

Yep, she loved me. 

Then I have seen some bloggers that use this Loreal Everstrong and like it. So while I was in California over spring break I got it. I honestly haven't used it much so I'm not sure how I feel about it. 

So as if the massive list above wasn't enough I still keep looking. Freak, I just want long hair. 

My latest find is this Lee Stafford hair treatment. I spent a good amount of time reading reviews and it was fairly mixed. Some people swear it made their hair grow while others said it didn't do a thing. Doesn't hair come from the inside? It seems to me that putting anything on the outside would protect and keep it in good condition but not make it grow. But I'm that desperate girl that will try anything for the sake of somehow getting my own long hair without any use of extensions. I still haven't decided if I should try this one or not. 

Then there is also Wen. I've heard good things and I'm honestly curious about it. Anybody used it? Were the results good? 
And then there's the ovation cell therapy shampoo. I hear adds for it on the radio ALL THE TIME. Who knows if it works. All I know is I want long hair, and I want it now. 

Also, is there a shampoo rehab? I have a problem. 


  1. Ugh I have a shampoo problem too! My hair looks and feels like hay no matter what I use! I've heard of people doing the "no poo" thing and its sounds interesting but I'm not sure I could go weeks with nasty looking hair before it finally gets used to no shampoo.

  2. I have really really long, thick hair naturally, but when I took biotin over the summer it got SUPER long! I went to GNC and picked up their brand (I think it was called Be Beautiful?), but essentially it was a 5000 mcg pill of biotin that I took once daily. It will definitely aid in hair growth. Especially because it aids from the outside in.

    I don't know if you already do, but shampoo your hair as infrequently as possible. All that shampoo is stripping your scalp of its natural oils, and therefore drying it out. Shampoo every other day max. If you're going to adjust to that routine, your hair is gonna look like a Crisco ad for a couple weeks, so a ponytail is gonna be your best friend, but it's super worth it once your scalp adjusts. Also, once a week I do a vinegar rinse on my hair. I pour about one cup of virgin, unfiltered apple cider vinegar over my scalp and massage it in. Then I shampoo and condition as normal. This will help remove any built up oil or product. Just make sure to rinse really well or your head will smell like a salad!

    Lastly, make sure you're protecting your hair from heat! I don't blow dry very often (maybe twice a month), but when I do, I always use a leave-in conditioner all over and Moroccan oil on the ends. And before straightening use a heat protecting spray.

    Hope this helps!!

    1. Thank you so much! This does help immensely! I recently got biotin and have started taking it so hopefully I'll see the same results you did. I'll definitely try the vinegar rinse. I've heard really good things about that as well. I never really knew what it did until you just told me, so thank you! As far as blow drying goes, I try and I'll keep trying haha but boy do I have a hard time. Thanks so much Casey!!!