Spring Break Photo Dump

If I wrote it all out it would be miles long and my brain is not capable of summarizing right now so I thought I'd just dump my photos and call it a day. 
 1. my dad hanging out in the "bus" as my niece calls it. It was cold.
 2. Somehow we ended up at Disneyland.
 3. It was empty. There was no one there and it was a Friday!
 4. We didn't wait in line once.
 5. It rained a little but I was prepared with my 2 rain jackets.
 6. It was my Dad's birthday on the 10th. We had cake at the track while he was racing. 
7. Madelynn had a birthday but I didn't get to give her her present until we got there.
8. Opening her shoes.
9. Wearing her new Toms. 
 1. We got one of the Xbox kinect dance games. Our parents kicked our butts.
2. Celebrating their win.
3. Mckinley's "I don't want to eat my beans" face
4. Staring the beans down.
5. My sister put this in her guest room. She could open a hotel. So cute! 
6. We went to Boudin and I got my favorite thing ever. Sourdough bread bowl! 
7. Hunter stopped to look at this. It had my name on it. I was shocked. I usually don't ever see things like this. They usually use a more common name. 
8. We found this adorable chair at Home Goods. Madelynn liked it too. 
9. Hunter had to make a Leprechaun trap for school.  

1. There were wild turkeys EVERYWHERE. Including in front of my sister's house. 
2. Playing with their Lalaloopsy hats on. 
3. How we watch TV. 
4. Baby maxi skirt. So adorable.
5. Crooked Lalaloopsy hat. Made by my amazing mom. 
6. Wearin' those shades. 
7. Yup. I spilled that. At Costa Vida. It was so terrible and embarrassing. 
8. I got JT's cd 4 days before it officially came out. Way to go Wal-Mart. 
9. We went to an easter egg hunt at my sister's neighborhood park. It was a mad house. 

The kids after the egg hunt. 

Little miss got ahold of my phone. She loves taking selfies. And pictures of her blanket.
I have more pictures of the racing that I'll post later. It was a way fun break!

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  1. I'm glad that you did explain each picture, some people just dump and nothing makes sense. I still love checking your blog, and I'm excited when you have posted something new!