It's Timberweek on Jimmy Fallon. I'm loving it. 

Remember this guy? 
JT. (Justin Timberlake, for all the ol' folk) 

I'm pretty sure he was my childhood crush. Like over the top obsessed. I didn't go for JC or any of the Backstreet Boys. Nope. JT was my guy. 

I remember hysterically crying my eyes out when my sister and mom drove away and headed towards the N'Sync concert. Talk about the most depressing moment for an eight year old. 

They did bring me back this exact poster. 

Well as N'Sync faded in time so did my "crush". 
JT disappeared for a while and hung low. I will say I am impressed he didn't fall off the deep end like his ex Britney Spears or so many of the other 90's superstars.

Well he slowly and surely has made his comeback and as of March 19th he's coming back with a bang. 

He was on SNL last week, Jimmy Fallon all this week, and his album drops next week. 

Every night on Jimmy Fallon he sang a new song from his album. I must say I have mixed feelings but it might grow on me. 

I did enjoy this... which is where this post was initially headed to. . . 

The ending is the absolute best. 

His interview with Jimmy was also pretty entertaining if you're interested. I've watched it twice. Wait, should I admit that? 

Anyways.... JT. 
Still good looking and still an overall decent guy. 
I must say I did enjoy the few movies I saw him in. He's a super talented guy.
So here's to Timberweek! 

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