The Goats

So in case you haven't seen the latest internet sensation it started with this. . . 

I appreciated this as lately I'm not much of a fan of hers. I feel like she's mutated into a childish spoiled brat. She's sunken too far into the Hollywood cement. Not to mention her little black book is thicker than the latest edition of Webster's Dictionary. 

Anyways, then the goatscapade escalated to this….
Yes, I’m aware it is ten minutes long.  Yes, I confess, I watched it.

Well the other night I told my sister that this was the latest. (She was the one who initially introduced me to the T-Swift video) Naturally she looked it up ASAP. After she watched it, she texted me and as I was on the road (courtesy of spring break) I had plenty of time to play her game. Heres the result . . .

Anyways. We need to get lives. 

Now blink if you're super excited for The Bachelor finale. 
Yeah, that's what I thought. 


  1. I am so not a fan of TSwift, so the fact that I can listen to this makes me happy.
    On a side note...have you ever seen fainting goats? Also hilarious.

  2. hahahaha my whole family is obsessed with this goat stuff. my favorite is the miley cyrus one hahaha I can't believe that's actually a Goat! they sound like humans!

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