The 12 days of Christmas: ring and run

This year I decided to do the twelve days of Christmas for a friend. I didn't want to do the typical 4 calling birds, 3 french hens, 2 turtle doves, and 1 over-rated Christmas song. 
That just screams boring to me and let's face it… The Twelve Days of Christmas is basically the Christmas version of 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall. 

So I decided to mix it up and do it in true Kylie fashion.
I spent a ton of time on it and to be quite honest, I think I overdid it for this "friend" 
(more on that later) 

You can find the tags I used here

(Sorry the first couple of pictures aren't that great. I grabbed the pictures as I was running out the door to go deliver them.)

On the first day I attached a note that said 

"This glad Christmas season is so full of fun. 
I'm happy to share it with you and then run.
How grateful I am that you're playing my game.
You'll now find that Christmas won't be the same.

The song that we sing twelve days in a row
Won't get tiresome with treats from someone you know.
But to keep up the mystery and the fun,
you won't know who I am until I'm all done! 

Each night I'll bring something 
Please don't watch for me coming.
If you catch me too soon, 
It will spoil the fun that's coming!"

On the 1st day of Christmas 
your secret elf brings a surprise
1 brand new game
for you to play tonight. 

On the 2nd day of Christmas
I leave outside your door
2 puzzles for your fun
now who could ask for more?

On the 3rd day of Christmas
we're hoping for a storm 
but with these 3 pairs of socks
your toes will sure be warm.

On the 4th day of Christmas 
I bring a special treat 
4 bags of Hershey's kisses
because I think you're neat. 

On the 5th day of Christmas 
again I come your way
this time with 5 boxes of goldfish
please won't you let them stay? 

 On the 6th day of Christmas 
with 6 more left to go 
take some time and trim the tree and hang some mistletoe 
I'm sure by now you need a break so have a nice cool drink
6 cans of fizz is sure to help, at least that's what I think. 

On the 7th day of Christmas 
I hope I don't get caught 
I know 7 pieces of candy 
might really hit the spot!

On the 8th day of Christmas 
the rushing never stops 
so stop and sit a little while
with these 8 lollipops. 

On the 9th day of Christmas 
It was getting hard to choose
but with 9 tubes of Chapstick
I felt I could not lose. 

On the 10th day of Christmas 
with Santa coming soon
I've brought you 10 nice bright
 balloons to decorate your room. 

(These were intended to be filled with helium but my 12 days got cut short… more on that later) 

On the 11th day of Christmas
well, well, how time does fly
so here are 11 pencils 
that you'll use by and by.

On the 12th day of Christmas 
there's 12 months in a year 
please make sure each one
is filled with lots of cheer. 
(it's a calendar) 

here are a couple links where you can find more ideas for different rhymes and gift ideas 

here and here 

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Here's the end of the crafty show and tell…. now comes my 12 days of Christmas saga. 

Buckle up. 

I met this "friend" about a month ago. We hit it off and things were going surprisingly well. I didn't initiate anything and he was taking the lead, which was fine by me. He hasn't had the best circumstances this past month and so I decided that maybe doing the 12 days of Christmas would be a good idea. The night before I was supposed to start I decided I wasn't going to do it. I got talked into doing it and decided that yeah, it would be a good idea. I'm telling you… listen to your gut instincts people. Just do it. It will save you in the end. 

The first three days went fairly well. Then I got home from delivering on the 3rd night and had a lovely conversation with said boy. Readers digest version… he was leading me on and admitted it. Jerk. I'm sorry that I got the wrong impression but holding hands and cuddling usually isn't a "just friends" type of deal. He blamed it on the fact that he had had a serious relationship before that didn't end well and he was hesitant about relationships now. WELCOME TO THE FREAKING WORLD!!! That's how everyone is! and do you know why? It's because of guys like him that lead people on that make people hesitant! So way to fuel your own fire bud! 

I decided after that that I was done wasting my time and energy on someone who didn't care about me and was only playing games. He didn't acknowledge the fact that I have feelings and I was done spending the time and effort trying to show him I cared. I barely got a half-assed thank you outta him. 

I wanted to quit right then and there… I honestly didn't feel it was worth my effort with those last 9 days. If it were up to me and my crazy ways it would've gone something like this…. 

"On the 4th day of Christmas you're a jerk so I quit" 

No matter how bad I really wanted to say that, I knew it would make me look like a complete idiot and I didn't want to treat him the way he treated me. And I'm sorry, but I could not just stop after day 3. It's like only closing the garage door 1/4 of the way and calling it good. 

So I ventured out and got one of those really large Christmas gift bags. You know the kind. The kind that are so large that when you walk by you think why on earth would anyone need a gift bag the size of Texas. I'll tell you why. To deliver a mass amount of gifts all at once because quite frankly you just don't give a ish anymore and you're done wasting your time delivering them. 

The dude lives a good 20 minutes away from me, which meant that one trip out there ended up being close to an hour with traffic. That kind of time each day times 12 days. You do the math… it just wasn't worth it anymore. I would rather be enjoying my Christmas break hanging out with people who care about me and dating guys that take things seriously. I packed the 9 remaining days up in my woolly mammoth sized gift bag and ditched it at his door. (hence why the 10 balloons were not blown up) 

So that's my saga. It was a total bust and totally not worth it. I did have fun putting it all together I just wish it would've turned out differently. Who knew that trying to do something kind could end a friendship in a nano second.

This is the bag full of all the crap. The first bag because oh yeah... did I mention the first one ripped so I had to go find another gargantuan gift bag. I'm telling you. I waste too much time on guys. You think I'd learn. 


  1. Wow. Firstly, what an amazing and thoughtful and truly awesome idea! I am so saving this for next year. Secondly, what a douchebag! I'm glad he came clean and told the truth, but why do guys always have to get you hooked and then be all "oh woops".
    Sorry it didnt turn out as planned!

  2. What a jerk! On the bright side the girls all had fun helping you with deliveries! Love you!!!

  3. What a jerk! On the bright side the girls all had fun helping you with deliveries! Love you!!!