I Knew I Had The Best Dad When…

Happy Birthday to the only guy in the whole wide world who has my whole heart! I am so lucky he is my dad and I will argue till the world ends that he is the greatest dad out there! Sometimes I feel like he's not old enough to have a daughter my age let alone kids my brother and sister's age! 

I knew I had the best dad when…

  • he makes "dam" jokes every time we drive by the Glen Canyon Dam
    • "the dam road is closed!" 
    • "what did the fish say when it swam into a wall? Dam!"

  • he sends me emails about the drama going on with Dance Moms and the potential law suits resulting from their drama
  • he took me to Chili's for dinner just because it was Daddy-Daughter night
  • he teases me because I'm short. And I don't mind it. 
  • he air high-fived me across the hockey arena when they scored...because we were with different groups of people and weren't sitting together
  • he ran clear across the turtle farm with me just so I could hold them again even though everyone else had moved on and was looking at other stuff 

  • he shares my love of Maroon Five (and Adam Levine) and Jimmy Fallon 
  • he has a specific "Oh, Kylie" look he gives me every time he thinks I'm being ridiculous
  • he will recite Elf quotes back and forth with me
  • he will wear a pink tie just because I like it and got it for him 

  • he makes me try sea food but doesn't get mad when I immediately regurgitate it back onto my plate (TMI? haha)
  • his boat totally blew up  but still made it a super fun day and made me laugh

  • he will go to Cafe Rio with us even though he totally hates the customer service there and the fact that they always mess up our order
  • he will be rebellious with me on the Tower of Terror in Disney Land (can't give too many details about this one haha)
  • he watches The Bachelor and has actual conversations about it with me and tells me how Juan Pabs should pick Renee. 
  • he reads my blog recaps of The Bachelor and genuinely says he thinks they're funny 
  • he brought me 2 heaters at 10:30 at night because my furnace wasn't working
  • he was in the hospital for 2 weeks and still had his awesome sense of humor
  • he lets me ramble on about random hockey facts and listens even though it's really not important
  • he wears Utah Utes gear to support me even though I know deep down inside he's a BYU fan
  • he lets me play my music on the boat even though it's not his favorite 
  • he loves me no matter how many mistakes and dumb decisions I make and always stands by my side

Happy Birthday Dad!!! 
I love you!!! 

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