In the Name of Baby

So I'm pretty sure everyone, their dog, and their pet rock are preggers these days. Everyone. I can name a ton of people who are preggo or have had a baby in the past 3 months. It's crazy. There must be something in the water, Utah and elsewhere. But let's be honest, there is always something in the water here in Utah. My sister is amongst those that are growing a mini human currently. 

Since she lives in California the gender reveal was a little tricky. And in this day of Pinterest, DIY, and all things expected to be a big shebang, simply saying boy or girl over the phone wasn't an option. So she ordered a cute little cake and I went and picked it up. We had to cut it open to find out if she would have her 2nd boy or her 3rd girl. 

And according to the frosting… IT'S A GIRL! 

My nephew Hunter wasn't super stoked I guess. Poor kid. 

All of her kids have a middle name that starts with "M" 
Both of her girls' first names start with "M" 
Basically it's semi been decided that she wants to do another "M" name for baby or potentially an "H" name to match Hunter. I think both would be cute. 
It was only like 2AM and I figured psh… who needs sleep. Because laying in bed for the 4 previous hours obviously wasn't enough for my brain to shut down and allow me some shut eye. So I started looking at girl "H" names… or at least according to this site they were girl names. 

So if you yourself are interested in choosing a name for your little girl that starts with "H" here's what I came up with. 

Huntah … because my sister definitely needs a Hunter and a Huntah. 

Or you could just back up the "fat Americans" stereotype and just go for this… 

Because it's every kid's dream to be named after a fried mashed up potato. Maybe in Idaho. 

There's also this option if you don't want your child to be able to spell their name until the day of their high school graduation. 

And babies are always heavenly aren't they? Well why not name your child Heavenly. But the spelling h-e-a-v-e-n-l-y is too typical so you should definitely choose one of the following. Also, hyphenated names are all the rage. 

And the Harry Potter generation has officially grown up, which means that Hermione is officially in the baby name books. But if you want to make it appear like the Harry Potter series had no effect on you choosing the name… there's 50 other ways to spell it, so don't fret. 

Sticking with the Harry Potter theme, you could go this route, and name her Hedvig and sound like a Russian trying to say "Hedwig" 

Then this gem. If you like a name, just throw an "H" in the front of it or replace the beginning letter with it. 

Such as Eloise Heloise

Or Tennesse Hennesse

If you fancy naming your child after brands or company names, I would pick one of these...

Or, if you like terms that are generally associated with the mouth/neck area these are for you… 

And for all those Jimmy Fallon fans you could go with good ol' Higgins… he's Jimmy's side kick and the guy who lost his pants 

Or if you live in Washington or Colorado your kid could just be High all the time! 

Then if you're big into the saying "return with honor" you could definitely return with Honor when you come home from the hospital, In-N-Out, Target, or where ever your choice of birthing location may be. 

Or if you want to prepare her for high school cruelty, you can just call her a Ho from the get go. 

I personally like Hoda…. it's kinda like Hoda Man!?!? 

The Blake Shelton route will also be sure to bring joy to your household. 

I mean Honeybee? How cute. 

Then we can't go through this without hitting up the movie and television names. 

Hercules. Because it's only fit for a girl. And then you can forever and always think "Hercules? Honey, I think you mean Hunkules!" 

I'm sure Hugh Laurie would love a little dedication to his drug addicted doctor role. 

Huckleberry Finn. 'Nough said. 

Then to finish it off… my favorite. From one of my all time favorite movies as a kid and possibly, maybe, as an adult. 
Hortencia. From Matilda. Remember this girl? 

She's the one who told Matilda about the chokey. 
She also cheered for Bruce when he had to eat the chocolate cake. 

Yeah, I'd definitely go with Hortencia. 

Now that I think about it, Matilda starts with "M"

Happy baby naming ya'll! 


  1. Not going to lie, Matilda has come up a couple of times...

  2. I laughed SO hard when I got to Hornetia!!!