You Know You're In Utah When. . .

Utah is a very interesting place. The longer I live here the more I realize this. It's kind of its own world in a way. A really quirky, interesting, somewhat messed up world. Yet I have no intention of leaving anytime soon. 

So with that said… you know you're in Utah when. . . 

there is a radio commercial urging you to "find your eternal companion" with a certain dating website

to the car next to you, your turn signal means you want to race

having 13 stick figures plastered to the back of your car is the norm

the only pro sports team you have is absolutely horrible and everybody still loves them anyways (cough Jazz cough cough) 

you use your heat seaters, heater, and AC all in one day

you pronounce 
Tooele as two-ill-uh
Hooper as huh-pur
Weber as wee-bur
Oquirrh as oh-kur

it snows during spring break

red and blue aren't just colors 

people wear shorts and flip flops as soon as it's over 40 degrees 

freshman guys in college are all 21 

the 24th of July is a bigger deal than the 4th 

you know what fry sauce is and what it's made of 

the "Holy War" is bigger than the super bowl

you know the difference between a "steak house" and a "stake house"

U and Y are not just letters 

your first child was conceived on your honey moon

schools stay open even with 2 feet of fresh snow

going on vacation means going anywhere outside of Salt Lake City

people get engaged after dating for less than 2 months 

you understand any of the things mentioned above 

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  1. Bahahaha! This post is so dead on. Utah is a unique place, that's for sure!