I'm Offended That You're Offended

To put it simply, I'm pissed off. This world has gotten to be so ridiculous as of late that I just can't stand it quite honestly. There is always someone who is offended by something no matter how minuscule it may be. We tip toe around the world because we're afraid of offending somebody and we're constantly worried about being "politically correct" 

Why is it a crime if I wish someone a "Merry Christmas"? They are free to wish me a "Happy Hanukkah" even though I myself do not celebrate it. I won't be offended. The fact that they are making an effort and acknowledging others is great. The world needs more kind interaction like that. But instead we must wish each other strictly "Happy Holidays". 

 Now, let's get to the real reason that I have finally reached my breaking point in this overly emotional permanently offended world. 

Flash back to 1904... 110 years ago.

This song was written to be the University of Utah's fight song and I must say that I myself thoroughly enjoy it and feel that it fits our school perfectly. 

Enter Sam Ortiz. President of ASUU (Associated Students of the University of Utah) aka our student body president. He decided that after 110 years of tradition that our fight song became "sexist and racist" overnight. Now before I mention exactly what he feels is "racist and sexist" can I just ask what part you guys would assume is racist or sexist? I have heard and sung this song many many times so far in my college career and the terms racist and sexist have never crossed my mind when singing the lyrics. The line "I am a Utah MAN..." and "our coeds are the fairest" are what Sir Sammy feels is causing such a divide and tearing the entire university apart at the seams.
He feels that changing it to "I am a Utah FAN" would just make the entire university and student body hug all day long, skip to class holding hands, and sing Kumbaya while sitting in a circle in the middle of the Marriott Library and share our feelings about how changing the fight song is the reason behind world peace. Ew.

Since he feels so passionate about getting all the students involved with campus life he took the vote to a mere 46 people who are all on the student body board and felt that that would be a fair representation of the thousands of Ute fans around the state. If he truly cared why didn't he ask the alumni who donate thousands of dollars to the university and the past and current students? He might get an accurate vote that represents what everybody really thinks and see just how many people are truly "offended" by "I am a Utah Man"

It kills me to see a student body president of a university wasting time on such a stupid issue that will ultimately have no impact on the university itself. Why isn't he putting his effort into making the university a better place by doing things that will actually benefit the current and future students? Changing the words will not change much. All it is doing is messing with tradition and pissing people off. 

I am a girl, a woman, a female, and I sing that line, "I am a Utah man sir", with so much pride! 
In no way at all do I feel that it is being sexist. It is referring to man as in a person, an individual, a human being, a member of the human race. Not just strictly a male individual. There are also loads of other women who will agree with me and say that they do not find this offensive. 

There's a Facebook page now by the name of A Utah MAN Am I filled with tons of people who are against this change and think that it is ridiculous. Mr. Sammy Ortiz is also facing a huge backlash from his irrational request and I for one do not feel sorry for him at all. He deserves it. He is making mountains out of mole hills. 

Here are some of my favorite comments from the Facebook page:

- Sam Ortiz should be banned from all U of U events after the president of the U decides not to change the song. He probably rubs baby oil all over Cosmo on the weekends. 
(just to clarify, Cosmo is BYU's (our rival) mascot.)

- Hey Sammy Ortiz I know you read this and I hope you document everything I've said about you and the relationship you have with Cosmo. Do us all a favor and move to Utah County. 

- I think every building named after a man should be changed to Mr. & Mrs. No need for separate bathrooms anymore. Let us see what other songs we should change too. ..... Give me a break. 

- Soooooo who's making the "Utah Man" shirts for the next season????

- Does anyone know if Sammy Ortiz is graduating this year? If so, can all you graduating seniors boo the mess out of him when his name is called? Do us all a favor. 

- "I love the 'Utah Man' song," he said. " I hope it doesn't change. I don't know what it would be. 'I am a Utah person'? I don't know what the issue is, but there has got to be a better way to spend your time than worrying about the fight song. I think it is good as is, and I hope it stays." - Kyle Whittingham
Coach says to do something better with your time Sam Ortiz. Go on a romantic date with Cosmo. 

- Who am I sir... a gender neutral non offensive Utah life form am I... 

- Sam Ortiz spoons Cosmo between classes. 

- I'm a woman and... 

I thoroughly enjoy reading through the comments every day. Don't mess with us die hard Ute fans. We won't back down. 

The petition going around has raised a valid point that I could not agree more with, 
"we believe that anyone voting on potential changes to the U fight song should be required to prove that they actually know the lyrics by heart and have sung it in at least one U sporting event." 

There is a petition going around that you can find here if any of you agree with us true Ute fans who disagree with changing tradition. We've also had a good amount of students email our University President (President@Utah.edu) and heck someone even threw his personal phone number out there if you're interested (801) 581- 5701 

I'm very sorry to anyone who was offended by this post. But actually, not really. 

A Utah MAN am I!!!!!!


  1. Think about it this way though...

    If it's not that big a deal, don't get yourself all worked up into a huff either. Getting offended at someone elses' offensabiity (not a word, I know), is sort of counterproductive. Hey, you can even continue singing the song you like. But put yourself in the shoes of a Jewish person at Christmas, or a black person where racist jokes are being told, or as a person with a child with special needs where people throw around the "r-word" like it's nothing. It's easy to not get offended until you become a member of one of those groups.

    No big about the song, let it just wash off.

    1. You're exactly right Cheri! My point is that there are other things, such as racism, or individuals with special needs not being treated correctly, that matter much much more than one word in a silly fight song. So isn't it a waste of time and energy to be spending weeks debating and trying to change one word in a song that has been present for 110 years? I was simply trying to say that there are many people who look for and choose to be offended by small, minuscule things when there are actual offensive things out there that deserve our attention. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read!

  2. First of all, I hate easily offended people as well.

    Second of all, nobody is telling anybody not to say Merry Christmas. That's a myth perpetrated by fox news.

  3. Wait wait. Where is the rest of the date story from Bon's blog?? :)
    And yeah, people definitely need to relax and stop getting offended about non-offensive things :)


  4. i am TOTALLY WITH YOU on this! i graduated from the u of u, and i heard about this! the fight song has never offended me and i have never even thought of it as racist or sexist. this whole thing is ridiculous.