When Jimmy Fallon Stopped By

My parents tend to travel a lot. Which means I'm the man woman of the house when they're gone. Which means I have ample opportunities to mess with them and their stuff.

One time it involved 118 googly eyes.

This time when they were gone, my friend had so conveniently talked me into staying up ALL night to watch the Harry Potter movies consecutively. Still don't know how I fell for that one. That was interesting. So we spent some time brainstorming about what to do while my parents were off on their own adventure. I ended up cutting out a mass amount of Jimmy Fallons as we watched the movies.

(I tried to find the creepiest Jimmy faces I could but this is what I ended up with)

The next day I went to their house and put them in every single window. When all the windows were filled up and I had left over Jimmys I started putting them around the house. 

And I didn't realize how awful these pictures were until putting them on this here blog. Sorry ya'll. 

They got home at night which was perfect because all the blinds were closed and they wouldn't even see the ones in the windows till the next day. 

The best thing about it all was the fact that my mom "counted" and thought there were more than there actually was. 

So basically, if you ever need any prank ideas, hit me up. I got your back. 


  1. hahahahaha, this made my day. You are hysterical!

    Little Bit of WoWe

  2. I love this so incredibly much, and now I'm going to do this. Like, right away.