A Candy Free Easter

Let's be honest, who doesn't love walking down that colorful Easter isle full of diabetes? I mean Peeps in every color, chocolate bunnies, Cadburry eggs, easter egg dying kits, and Reeses peanut butter eggs (is it just me or do Reeses always taste better in egg form?). 
I love it and I have the hardest time avoiding it. And it's always so conveniently located in the smack dab center of the store as close to the front as possible, which makes it even harder to ignore than that attractive cashier on lane 4, that Diet Coke fresh out of the cooler and the latest issue of US Weekly at the check stand. 

So with that said I thought we could all use a little candy free easter basket goodie inspiration
Here are some of my favs. 

Okay, can we please just talk about that bag!?! I'm absolutely loving it and that color is just amazing. Of course I'm partial to yellow. And those Nikes are awesome colors. 

What other candy free easter basket ideas do you guys have? 

Happy Tuesday ya'll! 

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