A Confessional

If there's one thing I always enjoy around blog town it's a good ol' I confess sesh. 

Which is what you're getting here today and I hope you don't mind. 
I should warn you that I am pretty darn sick right about now. Why do I always get sick right before finals!?! Anyways, I'm on a lot of drugs currently. All legal of course haha but this is a fair warning that I might not be completely aware of what I'm writing in this here post. But hey what's that annoying over used term? Oh yeah, YOLO.

I confess...

I sat and drank a Diet Coke while reading an article entitled "7 Side Effects of Drinking Diet Soda"

I bought Divergent a couple weeks ago. I wanted to read it and then go see the movie. I got to about chapter 3 and haven't picked it up since. I have every intention of reading it so I'll just blame it on being "busy"

I did my laundry yesterday. My sweat pants, pajama shorts, sports bras, and baggy t-shirts far out numbered skinny jeans and cute tops.

I've gone through an entire large box of tissues in less than 24 hours.

I'm convinced this gluten allergy and all this "gluten free" stuff is strictly a fad. Isn't it amazing how thousands of people came down with it all within the same year? I know there are people who are really allergic to it but it's just too odd that all these people have it all of the sudden. But hey, if they like paying 6 bucks for 10 wafer cookies... more power to em!

Abby Lee Miller's eye make-up drives me absolutely crazy. And her accessorizing reminds me of how I used to dress in the 7th grade. Sometimes matchy matchy and loads of plastic jewelry just isn't the way to go.

I never ever ever ever drink regular soda. Except for today. I wasn't feeling good and had a can of sprite at my house so I decided I'd guzzle it down. I set it on the counter by my sink where my laptop was also sitting because let's be honest, I had to catch up on my Teen Mom and Dance Moms. Well, you see where this is going. I decided to load my dishwasher and during my not so swift movement of grabbing something out of the sink and moving it to the dish washer, I knocked my cup of sprite ALL OVER MY LAPTOP. I was so pissed at myself. I cleaned it up the best I could. Then I spent many many hours today popping off every single key and cleaning all the sticky sugar off. I'm not talking just the key, I'm talking everything underneath the key too. I felt like a computer nerd. My dad would've been proud that I could take part of my computer apart and put it back together successfully.  But my keyboard is still not back to normal. I'm pissed. I don't know why I have to rock at life so much.

And one last one...

I think Kevin Bacon is attractive.
He's older than my dad.
I'm going to go barf now.

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