March Madness Say Wha?

Sorry I've been a little absent these past few days. I got knocked out with a massive cold. We're talking like a box of tissues a day, bottle of Nyquil ain't gonna do nothing, I'm going to die, cold. 

I don't know why I am so surprised by this. Without fail I get sick EVERY stinking finals week. And this stupid thing has held on for over a week now. I even had to miss a group presentation in one of my classes. I'm sure my group is lovin me for that. 

But anyways... back to the point. All these people be like MARCH MADNESS!!!! and I'm just over here sayin' WHA!?!? March Madness?
 Puhhhleassse. How about April, May, and June Madness! 

Shocker. I'm talking about hockey. Playoffs are officially in full swing. So while I'm over here sitting in bed with my box of tissues resembling old faithful, I get to enjoy hockey from about 5-10:45 every night. If I have to be sick I guess hockey is an acceptable distraction. 

And well, it can't be any kind of "madness" without a bracket, right? 

Here's mine. 

If there are ANY hockey fans out there or anybody who even cares a little about it, I'm absolutely DYING to know your thoughts and who you think will end up with the cup! 

Hope you're all feeling better than me. Now go down an entire bottle of Vitamin C so ya'll don't end up with this crap! 

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  1. For my husband's sake I'm hoping to see Colorado take the cup. :-)