Monday Not So Fun-Day

I don't know about you guys but I think Mondays can always use a little spicing up. 
So if you're bored or could use a break from the most wretched day of the week, I put up some of the videos I've found lately that simply make me smile and laugh. Most are funny but I just thought the first one was super cool and think this guy is amazingly talented. 

This was probably the greatest thing they remembered about the show during the final week of Late Night  w/ Jimmy

And because this was probably the funniest hockey moment at the olympics and because we all know how I feel about hockey.

Also, today my professor was talking about populations and said "one pop." 

I heard "Juan Pab" 

Kill me. I hate The Bachelor. 


  1. I know its not monday, but girl, this just MADE my day! hahaha

  2. What? This is hilarious!! Please do a post like this EVERY week! Hilarious!!