Valentine Bandwagon

I'm sure you're tired of seeing Valentine's Day posts so I won't make this too long. 
I was bored a couple weeks ago and made a ton of cards and sent them out. Like 20 of them. 
Here are some of them 

for my dad… he races. lots. 

my mom has been dvr-ing and watching BoB Ross lately. I couldn't resist. 

for my cousin. Her last name is Fox. 

for my book obsessed cousin. We like to watch Harry Potter together.

my sister is inexplicably obsessed with zombie shows lately.
So I gave her a zombie valentine.

for my littlest niece. 

for my nephew who could eat five plates of bacon a day. 

for my brother… because he's the only one who would appreciate this. 

Everybody also got one of these little bags with kisses and other stuff in it. 

Hope you had a very Happy Valentines Day! 

Except today might be even better than Valentines Day because all the candy is now on sale haha 


  1. I'm not obsessed! I just find them entertaining. We loved our cards. And now you have me curious who the others went to...

  2. These were all amazing and even more so in person! Kylie, you never cease to amaze me with all of your talents!! You have the most caring and loving personality!!

  3. You are so awesome! We all loved our cards and your special message for each of us was wonderful. We love you so much!!!