Thursday Bullet Points

You know those days where you're just freaking happy and content with life for no reason at all? Today was one of those days and I loved it. I wish everyday were like this. I've been having quite a few of these lately so I'll be content with that. 

Bullet points. That's what's been keeping my life semi organized lately so I'll keep with that theme. 

  • One of my professors said that bloggers are fifty year old men who sit in their mother's basement, in their underwear, drinking Red Bull, and typing nonsense at 3 am. I was offended. We are not 50 year old men. But maybe the 3 am part is accurate some of the time. 
  • I got the Naked 3 Palette. It's mainly blush colors, which look awesome with green eyes! 

  • For one of my classes it is required that we watch a movie and then write a 2 page analysis. I was dreading this when she told us and then when I looked at the syllabus and saw that the movie was The Devil Wears Prada it was all better. 
  • I thought my neighbors, who just moved in, didn't believe in blinds because their largest window has no window coverings what so ever.  This was until I realized that all their other windows have pull down blinds. This wouldn't normally be a problem but their window is this close to mine. . . 

           The other day my brother came to hang out and he peeked out my closed blinds through a tiny
           tiny slit. Apparently this was enough for him to make awkward eye contact with the lady sitting
           at her table. My brother basically jumped 3 feet back when it happened. I'm sure they just love 
           me by now. 

           It's just too bad that a cute single guy didn't move in… then we totally could've pulled this off. 

 I mean writing notes through the window? Too cute. 
  • I ran into… well I wouldn't call him an ex because we weren't together but we did have a couple month long fling… and well, he called me Ky! That's just not okay unless you play a regular role in my life. Or you're a blogger friend :) 
  • I was one of three people in a class of 60 that put a required "learning statement" in my 50 page project. Even though it was required my professor didn't doc anyone points who didn't put it in. Can't I please be rewarded for taking two seconds to read the syllabus that we were given a month ago and doing what was asked?!?! 
  • My kitty cat is going to come live with me now that I'm in a more permanent place. I was bored and decorated what will be her area. I need to get a life. 

  • I'm loving my huge chalk board I have in my kitchen. It's so fun and I love that I can change it up. I love changing things up! Here's the one for February! 

If any of you our there are chalk boarders here's an awesome tip! Dip your chalk in water before you write with it… It goes on clear at first but then turns SUPER white and stands out much better! 
  • I was watching How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and making valentines at the same time. Ironic. 
Have a happy weekend ya'll! 

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  1. Oh my gosh, people that I'm not close to calling me Ky is infuriating! My ex did that once and I wanted to yell, "You no longer have that right!"