Since my blogging has been SO regular and consistent this past summer I figured a monthly blogging challenge would be the perfect way to jump back into my blogging life that I really do love but just manages to be the first thing shoved aside.  So here we go, Blogtember!

Brave Love Blog

I am currently... 

Watching ---  Psych. Can't say I hate it. Can't say I love it. 

Reading --- a 30 page article about how missing person posters should not have been put up after
                 September, 11th because they "haunted" people and it was avoiding the reality that they "weren't coming home." .... I hate school. 

Listening to ---  Girls Chase Boys  "All the broken hearts in the world still beat... You play me, now I play you too, let's just call it over." AHH  I love it... such a good song! 

Eating --- Nothing. Dinner is the next thing on my to do list. And Rumbi sounds freaking divine! 

Pinning -- Anything fashion related. I'm on a fashion/clothing kick lately. What else is new? 

Missing --- Boating. And hockey. 

Wearing --- Pajamas... and it's 7p.m. on a Saturday. Dang homework! I guess that also means Rumbi won't be happening. 

Drinking --- Water.

Dreading --- Monday.

Needing ---  a new pillow. These 4 dollar ones from Target just aren't cutting it anymore ha. But, I'm too cheap to spend 80 bucks on a freaken pillow. 

Craving --- Shopping. 

and with that said

Wanting ---  

This is sold out everywhere basically. I have the pants that match and I just have to have the coordinating jacket, right?

Happy Weekend!!!!