I myself am not a BYU fan and I never will be. However, I know there are BYU fans that do read my blog occasionally and before I throw all this out there I guess I should start by saying I'm not pinning this on the school in anyway. Yes, I don't like BYU. But it wasn't BYU who did this, it was a person. More specifically Max Hall. For those who don't know who he is he was one of the best quarter backs BYU has seen and I'll admit, he was pretty dang impressive. The problem I have with him stemmed from this here video....

Yes. Us Utes are classless. Totally classless and he hates us all.

Again, I will say I am not pinning his comments on the Y. I won't base my judgement on the whole school based on one person. I personally wish Max would have done this and thought it through before he said these things. It wasn't the University of Utah who dumped beer on his family. It was immature people who were being stupid and did a really rude and disrespectful thing. There are disrespectful people everywhere and you can find them at any sporting event regardless of which team they are fans of. Last year I went to the Y for the rivalry game and I'll tell you, I had people heckle me just as much as the Y fans are heckled. F-bombs and all. It's a two way street.

I don't think he thought these comments through and I'm sure he just said them in the heat of the moment but he still referred to anyone even associated with the University of Utah as classless and proclaimed that he hated us all. That's fine. To each their own.

After that he got a ton of crap from the Ute fans because well, we're classless.

Well, Tuesday the news broke that Mr. Classy himself, Max Hall, was arrested in Arizona for what appeared to be shop lifting and when they were searching him found cocaine, needles, a metal spoon, and a lighter.

When I heard this, my first instinct was to laugh. I mean, he was even wearing a BYU t-shirt in his mug shot, was he not? The jokes that could come from this were endless. Karma, right?

That was what I thought for the first few minutes after reading the story. It wasn't long after that that I genuinely felt so heartbroken for him. Thanks to Amazon Prime, I've watched my fair share of the show Intervention, especially lately. To watch and see how wrapped up in drugs people get just makes me sick to my stomach and at the end of every episode the only thing I want to see is that they stayed sober and didn't revert back to their old ways. There's no proof that Max was actually doing drugs, but again from watching Intervention people shoplift all the time as a way to pay for their addiction and the stuff he had in his bag was pretty obviously drug related. In his mug shot he even appeared to be a little loopy. In fact, the longer you look at it the more sad the whole situation becomes. I mean this guy has a career, a wife, and two kids. It's sad that whatever he's going through made him turn to drugs. And now, he has to face the public and the endless comments that are pouring his way. It's scary to think that professional sports play such a large role in addiction and to see just how many professional athletes, current and former, get sucked into the world of addiction. It is such a sad thing to me and I personally wish they would be more concerned about it and do more to prevent it.

I am a die hard Utah fan and I always will be but I genuinely hope he can get his stuff together and get the help he needs for his family's sake.

But until then..... Jimmer better be careful.

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