16 Life Lessons Learned From The Bachelor

Well look who finally made it back to her blog. Nice of me to show up, right?  To say this summer has been crazy and hectic is an understatement. I think this is the first time in weeks that I have been home longer than 3 days. 
Anyways, we all know that The Bachelor/Bachelorette is a regular topic on this here blog so I figured why not acknowledge all the wonderful things it has taught us through the many seasons. Here we go...

16. Always bring your grandma on your first date 

15. Facial impressions are crucial 

14. Always be yourself 

even if that means wearing a mask the whole time, or a tiara, or being naked, or having vampire fangs

13. Saying "stahhhp" is a flirty way to say don't stop

12. When in doubt cry. Always be in doubt. 

11. The most hated girl will always win

10. When it doesn't work out, keep coming back 

9. It is acceptable to get engaged after 4 weeks of non-exclusive dating

8. If you can't be their favorite one, be the crazy one. 

7. Never show up empty handed 

6. Repeatedly saying it's okay, will in fact make everything okay 

5. First impressions are crucial 

4. Always expose your troubling memories, life experiences, and your past 7 divorces on the first date

3. Never have a normal occupation 

2. If you're innocent, run away

1. To prove your love... always get a tattoo


  1. Just letting you know this post totally made my horrible Monday morning so much better! ha ha

  2. The occupations, those kill me!

    xx Kelly
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